5 Perfect Spots For A Romantic Date In Dubai In 2021

Dubai is synonymous with luxury and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The place holds a certain culture and history that makes it the perfect place to have a lovely vacation. It is often liked so much by the tourists that they think of starting to live here permanently and look forward to buying an apartment or buy villa in Dubai.

Dubai is not just heaven for those who need adventure or amusement out of the world. For lovers too, the city has a soft spot. Get the view of the incredible skyline, stunning waves, wrap your buds with true flavours, or just enjoy the tropical desert thoroughly. Either you want a long romantic night stroll, dinner under the stars, cruising among the dazzling winds, or a wildfire, there is something for everybody.

The city has a number of restaurants and coffee shops with a romantic atmosphere and stunning views that can make your date a good one. Let us take a look at the top five places to enjoy a lovely date with your partner.

  1. Pierchic, Madinat Jumeirah

Pierchic is one of the most intimate dating nightspots without a doubt. The atmosphere and the catch-up sessions would lead to some wholesome and warm conversations. The view is very impressive, apart from serving some of the best fish meals in the area. Pierchic sits on the Arabian Sea’s private pier, so it’s an amazing spot with a romantic ambience. Pierchic provides you with blissful music on the deck and the sea’s sound, lapping up against the beach, and the cosy feeling. It’s a perfect place to discover.

  1. Pai Thai in Madinat Jumeirah

For its Thai cuisine, Pai Thai is very well known. Although food quality is assured, the environment and place are good enough to set the perfect ambience for a lovely date night! One of Dubai’s highlights is the Madinat Jumeirah itself. The streets around an underwater lake, the magnificent view of the Burj al Arab, the small stalls and shops along the streets, everything conveniently placed with plenty of cafés and restaurants, all these things have their own charm that will help you to get a memorable date night.

Arrive in the artificial canals of the restaurant in an abra (traditional Arab boats). It is suggested to book a table for two outdoors, because they have lovely outdoor seating, and admire the stunning views of The Burj al Arab and the starry night. The service is generally nice, so there will be no hint of frustration in your lovely evening!

  1. Villa Beach

The idea of having lunch with your partner at the beach can sound romantic to a lot of people, and this place provides you with the perfect opportunity for that. Imagine you and your partner are sitting on the sands of the beach with feet soaked in the sand, enjoying the breezes with an outstanding view of the Burj Al Arab at front. Sounds very romantic. This place is filled with a rich ambience that holds that key to a perfect date night with your partner. The place is well known for its great food and great hospitality, so get ready to put this place on the top of your bucket list for a perfect romantic date.

  1. The Eauzone, The Royal Mirage

The speciality of this restaurant is that it is a relaxed dining location with many office-goers getting their meetings/lunch here overlooking the beach by the day. By night, though, for romantic ventures, it becomes the ideal place. The Eauzone is increasingly becoming a favourite, serving tasty European cuisine with an Asian touch.

  1. Fish Beach Taverna

This restaurant comes right from some of the Rom-com classic movies. Sit under the moon, with the beach in front of you and the iconic Dubai skyline behind you, as you devour delicious Turkish, Greek, and Mediterranean dishes. The place provides a marvellous setting and atmosphere to have a date that you will never forget.

These spots will surely provide you with the perfect ambience to enjoy a lovely date with your significant other. If you are planning to live together in Dubai, choose a residence in Bulgari Residences Dubai to get a perfect living experience.